CONNECT for transportation

Call for partners

Call for partners

CONNECT for transportation is a format aiming to connect innovative startups working in the field of transport and logistics with the PwC professionals working in the same markets to create new and actual business opportunities that could bring tangible value for all participants.

Expiry Date: 17/02/2020
Pitch Date: 27-28/05/2020

Expiry Date

Discover our areas

Big data for transport optimisation

Collection, processing and usage of digital data on passenger and cargo movements from different sources (e.g. road vehicle black boxes, navigation devices, data from mobile telephone SIMs, travel platforms search and bookings etc.) for the purpose of optimising, even in real time, origin-destination flows, route choices and mode of transport, etc.

Who can take part

  • Startup

  • Innovative company

  • University

  • Research center

Why participate

Visibility and networking

Get the chance to pitch at the main event and to connect with our network and client base, increasing the opportunities to scale your solution on a local and global market.

No obligations

Don’t worry! We do not impose complicated contract obligations. You retain all your Intellectual Property and also we do not look for exclusivity obligations.

Joint projects

Discuss and launch well focused joint projects together with PwC’s professionals to co-develop innovative assets that can rapidly be deployed on the market.

Become a global player

PwC provides professional services across several industries and market segments on a national and international scale. Partnering with us will give you the chance to quickly become a global player.


Meet PwC’s professionals working on the markets that matters for your startup. Learn from them how to boost your business and generate new and concrete business opportunities.